To liberate broken men from their bondage of sin and addiction by the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to equip them to become prosperous disciples of Christ with Kingdom vision, purpose and direction.
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We are here to be a light in our communities, to teach and to show the love that was first shown to us.  We take men from the “Guttermost to the Uttermost”; men chained by the bondage of addiction and sin and show them the power of the Gospel to break every chain!

We are a Christ centered, residential discipleship program for men. We believe that true and lasting change can only come from a commitment to Jesus Christ. During the time spent at our ministry each man will receive the teachings necessary for a healthy, Christ centered life. Basic life skills are also taught that include personal responsibility, financial management, interaction skills and teamwork.

Activities include: Daily devotionals and Bible studies, Discipleship training, Praise and Worship, regular Church service, Outreach Ministry, and volunteer work with other local non-profits.

Admission: All prospective residents are individually screened and either accepted or denied depending on their willingness to commit to our program. An initial application and interview is required and a follow up interview onsite will determine the eligibility of the applicant. Rules and regulations of our house will be explained if accepted.

To fill out an admissions application please follow this link.


The rebuilding of the wall that was destroyed in the destruction of Jerusalem was a project that was bigger than one tribe. Nehemiah called on all Israel to participate, and they responded, each tribe bringing their beams, bolts, bars, and doors –Nehemiah chs. 1-3

We are always looking for people with a heart to serve.  We have a multitude of needs that can be met by volunteers from our communities and churches in the area.  If you would like more information on how you are able to partner with us please fill out this brief Volunteer Application here.  Our Volunteer Coordinator will follow up with you.

Volunteer Application

Our work has grown to the extent that we can no longer operate without the support of the greater faith community of North Texas. Would you consider partnering with us that we may continue to battle on the front lines of the spiritual war that is claiming the hearts and souls of many of our own? All for less than the price of a latte a day!