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DENTON FREEDOM HOUSEHow to Apply to the Women’s Program

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THERE IS HOPE! There are some considerations you will definitely need to take into account when you are applying to enter this home.
Take the time to honestly consider these things before you apply!!

This application is for consideration of admission to the Denton Freedom House. Please be sure to answer as completely and honestly as possible when filling out your answers. Your answers will be kept confidential. If in the course of our interview or during the program, you have lied or omitted any pertinent information, it will be grounds for dismissal from the interview or program. If a section is required and does not apply to you, simply answer with N/A.

After submitting your application, call 940.800.2736 to let us know that your application has been submitted and to get the process started. Your application will be evaluated through a phone interview AND in-person interview, and a decision rendered, based on your eligibility and specific needs. If we are unable to provide the help that you need, we will do our best to point you to those who can help.

–You will end up sharing your bedroom with up to three other women at any given time – this can be uncomfortable at times.
–While you are in the program you are not to be in relationship with anyone (this means boyfriends or fiances). We encourage restoration of marriage if you are currently legally married.
–For the first 30 days of the program, there’s no contact allowed with anyone outside the home. This includes family, friends and mentors – no contact means no visits, calls or writing letters. Writing letters will be encouraged after this cooling off period.
–When you are allowed visitors and phone calls,  you are only able to call your immediate family or approved mentors – No boyfriends, fiances, friends or non-family members.
–Any of the things that interfere with our home schedule must be taken care of before you can come into the home.
–This is not a medical facility. If you have any ongoing physical or psychological needs, major or minor, they need to be addressed before you can come into the home. There are NO PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATIONS allowed at the Denton Freedom House. This includes any medication for depression, anxiety, opiates, narcotics or methadone. These types of medication must be out of your system for at least a week (two weeks for methadone) BEFORE you enter the home.
–You will not be allowed to bring or have vitamins, supplements or physical health aids/devices.
–The routine here is taxing! It is at times tiring and monotonous, it takes discipline to adhere to the schedule that we set.
–The home discipline policy is thorough and exacting. How well do you receive discipline?
–Can you handle being told when you can and cannot go to the bathroom, to bed, when you can shower, when you can have free time, and so forth?
–We expect submission to home authority, leadership and the policies that God has established in this home.
Please take a look at the items you are allowed to bring into the home – Remember that space is limited so we have to limit the amount of personal items you may bring into the home. If it isn’t on the list, you will not be allowed to bring the item in per our policies. Please read the Approved Item list.

Application for Admission to Women's Home
Denton Freedom House will carefully pray and examine the criteria of the application process to evaluate each applicant's situation as to determine the best placement of each applicant.
name and contact information (phone and/or email)
this includes chiropractors, eye doctors, dentist, etc.... If in doubt, go ahead and let us know. Any failure to disclose this information could put you at risk and could be grounds for dismissal.
These could be major or minor issues. Please be open and honest and remember we aren't a medical facility, we don't have health care professionals on staff and are not licensed to provide care.
Neck, back, knee, etc....
Be aware that we do not allow or condone the use of tobacco products at any time during your participation in the program. It will not be tolerated and is grounds for immediate expulsion.

Visitor Requirements and Responsibilities

Family members must complete the visitation form below BEFORE a visit can take place. You will receive a call or an email when you have been approved to visit. Only visitors on the resident’s approved visitor list will be allowed to visit the resident. Pastors and Mentors must be approved by a staff member and must also attend a visitor orientation Sundays at noon. If you have general questions, please call the Women’s Home at 940.800.2736

Visitor Application