The staff of the Denton Freedom House are the lifeblood of the ministry. They serve the mission of the organization, often at great personal sacrifice, with heartfelt devotion, love, and compassion. While the staff is increasingly composed of people that have come from outside the organization, the great majority are a direct product of the ministry itself.

Karen Adams

Co-Founder, Accounting staff

Chad Eskew

Growth and Development Division Director

Heath Iglehart

Program Division Director & Admissions Director

Staci Schmidt

Facilities Division Director

Rachel Eskew

Events Coordinator

Dustin Sharpe

General Manager of Zera Coffee

Mike DeFilippo

Phase 2 Director

Diana Simms

Accounting Associate

Christi Hardison

Accounting Associate

Katrina Gaskill

IT Director & Phase III Director

Scott Henderson

Phase 1 Director

Jeff Gillette

Kitchen Manager

John Blackburn

Zera Coffee Shift Manager

Nancy Wright

Women’s Program Director

Kaelyne Wright

Women’s Phase 1 Director

Glenn Johnson


Michelle Desmond

Administrative Assistant

Frank Viscariello

Program Div Staff

Mike Duke

Transportation Manager

Garrett Irby


Alan Vincent

Zera Events Coordinator

Jared Cavlovic

Kitchen and Zera Intern


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