Joe Bruton Volunteer of the Year

Congratulations to Joe Bruton, our Volunteer of the Year 2021! We are so thankful to him for his tireless efforts as a volunteer at Denton Freedom House. He has faithfully taught on Thursdays and then as our Mentor Coordinator, he created the vital role of “outside mentor” for our Men’s home. The Mentor Coordinator enlists men of God to meet with the residents a few times a month, to disciple them in one-on-one meetings. This program addition freed up staff members to focus on the many aspects of their jobs and walk alongside the residents. Now residents get twice the mentoring and discipleship to become prosperous disciples of Christ with kingdom vision, purpose and direction. Thank you so much Joe for your steadfast kindness, love and faithfulness to Jesus Christ in your ministering to the men of the Denton Freedom House. Joe was honored at our Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on August 28th, which caps off our Appreciation month. If you would like to join our volunteer group, please fill out a volunteer application at this link