Visitor Orientation

Visitor Requirements and Responsibilities
1. To visit a phase one resident, you must be a legally married spouse or family member. The relationship between the resident and family member and spouse must be verifiable and approved. Any exception will be at the discretion of the home director.
2. Family members must also complete this orientation form before a visit can take place.  You will receive a call or an email when you have been approved to visit.
3. Only visitors on the resident’s approved visitor list will be allowed to visit the resident.
4. Pastors and Mentors must be approved by a staff member and must also attend a visitor orientation.
5. Please dress modestly- shoulders covered, no short shorts or skirts, and no sagging.

When visiting the home please remember that we share the driveway with several neighbors – the speed limit for the driveway is 15mph.  Please be respectful and observe the limit.  Thank you!

When can phase one residents have visitors?
1.Visitation starts only when the resident has completed the first 30 days of the program and is not currently on discipline.
2. ALL adult family members must read these and fill out the orientation form.

Visitation hours and Duration.
Every Sunday from 1:00PM – 5:00PM CST. unless otherwise communicated. Please remember that visitation is a privilege for our residents and visitors and can be taken away permanently as a result of any violation of our policies.

When you Arrive
1. All visitors must first sign in at the Visitation Desk in the Day Room before the resident can be seen. No other entrances are allowed.
2. Visitors must check in all items brought to the home at the Visitation Desk in the Day Room. Note- Depending on the availability of a staff member, items may not be processed until much later in the day or until the following Monday.
3. Families may walk the grounds, but no further than the dirt road that is used for staff housing. Pasture behind staff housing is off limits.
4. Please be mindful of staff residences.
5. There may not be any letters, mail or money passed between family and residents in any form. All mail or letters must be received by the resident through the Visitation Desk and the Officer On Deck (OOD).
6. Residents may not use cell phones at any time. Please leave all cell phones and electronic devices in your car during your visit.
7. If you would like to bring food or snack to share on your Sunday visit please provide for approximately 45-50 people (this includes all residents and guests). If you need anything from the kitchen please email them BEFORE your visit
8. All visitors must sign out at the Visitation Desk. Residents are not allowed to be around visitors vehicles at any time for any reason. They are not allowed to walk family members to their cars.

Approved items
Hygiene products
The hygiene products that are needed: Toilet paper, Bar Soap, Shaving Cream, Razors, Dental Floss, lotion, Q-Tips or fingernail clippers. (no mouthwash of any kind).
No food, candy or gum is allowed on the Phase I Resident’s person. We do not hold food for the Phase I Residents.
If your small group, church, or you personally would like to donate food items to the Denton Freedom House, please contact the Kitchen Manager at
Clothing should not be brought to the resident if the resident has reached the maximum limit of clothing allowed, which is:
10 pairs of socks
10 pairs of underwear
7 pairs of pants
4 pairs of shorts
10 shirts, total (everyday, work, dress)
1 coat
1 hat
2 belts (everyday, dress)
Shoes: 1 dress, 1 casual or tennis, 1 work, 1 shower
Clothing with Inappropriate advertisements (including but not limited to, Skulls, Bands, Alcohol, Drugs; if there is a questionable piece of clothing, the staff will make the final decision on whether it is to be kept or not.)

Other items
Bible/Bible cover
Pens / pencils/ highlighters
Notebook paper
Note pad
Envelopes / stamps
Backpack (school book size)
Wrist watch or pocket watch
Small fan/ alarm clocks are permitted
Medication- Foot powder, sunscreen, or creams may be brought at the discretion of the staff. ANY over the counter medication is a donation to the whole house- you may donate large bottles of Tylenol, Ibuprofen, cold medication, cough drops, etc. It may not be alcohol based and it is at the discretion of the home director whether it will be kept or not. All prescription medication must be approved by the staff and left at the Visitation Desk.

Other general policies

  • No drugs, alcohol or smoking or dipping of any kind is allowed on property.

  • No visitor under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be permitted to visit the resident.

  • No profanity (church behavior).

  • Residents are not permitted to be in or around the visitor’s vehicle at anytime.

  • Visitors cannot have anyone waiting outside in the visitor’s car.

  • Child Policy- Please keep watch on your own children. You must be with your children at all times and they are not allowed to wander the property without you. Please do not allow any other residents or their guests have physical contact with your children; this includes any children of the Staff of the Freedom House. Physical contact is defined as picking up a child, hugs, shaking hands, high-fives/fist-bump, patting on the back or the head.
  • No hugging other residents in the home. No romantic behavior. (Only church behavior.)
  • Visits must be done on the Denton Freedom House premises. In a rare and special case where visitation arrangements have been made that require the visit to be made away from the DFH property, the resident must get approval from the home director.
  • Resident and spouse cannot engage in any inappropriate activity with one another at any time.

Saturday Night Worship – in the Chapel at Denton Freedom House
Family members that have been through orientation are welcomed to attend Saturday Night Worship at the Church at Denton Freedom House. Dinner is at 5:30PM SHARP and service is from 7PM-9:30PM.

If any of these rules are not followed by the visitor or resident:
The visitor may not be allowed back to the home unless approved by a staff member.
The staff may ask the resident to leave the home.

How You Can Pray For Your Resident-
These are the expectations and goals of the program. Please pray for your resident is able to achieve these goals and to let God order his steps.
Under the current policy, there are 6 mandatory months to the program and 4 optional “graduate” months to the Denton Freedom House Program.

6 Months Mandatory – Rooted and Established (approximately 180 days)

Goals of the Phase One Program:

1. To introduce the resident to Jesus, the only One who has the power to free him from the bondage of sin, death, addiction, and oppression.
2. To establish the resident in the areas of his understanding, character, and discipline.
3. To give the resident the necessary tools he will need to live victoriously for the rest of his life.
4. To Impart a kingdom vision to the resident.
5. To ground the resident in the discipleship process and ignite in the resident a lifestyle of service, worship, and evangelism.
6. To prepare the resident spiritually, emotionally, and financially for transition toward independence.
7. To have the resident memorize the mission statement, discipleship model, and wheel illustration in the Residents’ Daily Workbook.
8. To complete all of the core curriculum; including the scripture reading plan, scripture memory plan, book reports, lessons, and prayer journal.
9.The resident must have fulfilled any disciplinary requirements.

Graduate Program (4 months optional) – Applied and Sent Out (approximately 120 days)


  1. To decide whether resident will transition out of the home or move toward service within the ministry.
  2. To help those who have successfully graduated to transition out of the home. To assist them in meeting their needs of housing, employment, and transportation by providing coordination with other governmental, social service agencies and ministries.
  3. To help make sure the resident continues to meet with a mentor, and becomes active in a local church body.
  4. To allow the resident to maintain the disciplines of the Christian life with accountability as an essential need with Christ as the focus of his life.

Please fill out the following form for each person that is on the visitation list – You will be unable to visit until you have completed the visitor Orientation Class with Mr. Duke held on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month, if you attempt to visit before being approved you will be asked to leave.  

Please remember that because you have filled out the visitor information form, it does not mean that you are an approved visitor.  Mr. Duke will contact you either by phone or email.

For any questions regarding visitation and policies please contact Mike Duke

Visitor Application