Men’s Home

What is the Freedom House?

The Denton Freedom House’s ministry illustrates the love of Christ through modeling family life and helping men understand that they are loved by God and by those who serve them in Christ’s name. We are called to equip men to become leaders in the community and their circle of friends and family. We believe in demonstrating our changed lives through what Christ has done for us, and by investing in the lives of the men we serve by teaching them to become faithful followers of Jesus.

Built on Christ’s love

The blessings of God’s love have become apparent in many a man’s life as a result of the obedience of one man and his loving family: Jeremy and Karen Adams founded of the Denton Freedom House when they began welcoming men into their home. Saved from a wasted life of addiction to drugs and alcohol, Jeremy heard the call to show God’s love to the lost and hurting men he met on the streets and in the jails. Over the past 11 years, the ministry has served over 1,000 men trapped in the powerful grip of addiction. Through the testimony of the men who have lived with Jeremy and his family and through observing lives truly changed by Christ, the ministry now serves up to 50 men at any one time.

What does the Freedom House mean to you?  This was the question…

“It provides an opportunity to let Jesus check your heart, for healing and for taking the time to give God his due.  It is a place to come to understand the love of Christ and to be able to learn to share that love.  It has helped me to re-orient my heart and continues to build kingdom vision in my life.”   – Michael Luna

“The Freedom House to me, and it’s real simple… a foundation” – Keith Sprabeary

“If I wasn’t here… if they weren’t able to grace me, I’d be in prison or dead right now.   I can’t thank Him enough.” – Tyler Head

“It means to me… family, hope, restoration – less of me, more of Him.”  –  Joseph Orsak

“What its done for me personally, it’s just taken what I thought I knew about the lord and about a relationship with him and allowed me the chance to rediscover the Lord, cause I’ve known the Lord for a long time but, not in the way that I know him now, really just what a relationship looks like… taking him out of the box that I’ve put him in for so long, allowing him to be God in my life.” – Daniel McNatt